Lease and Bidding System PHP Script

  1. Introduction This Project is aimed as web App named Leasing Management System for the government who are currently working with government projects. The main purpose of this system is to provide a platform for business man to show their interest in government projects. Through this web App business man will be able to buy or lease land, Stone Mountain, Salt mines, Coal Mountains for crushing or something else which is the property of government. Every contractor will be able to set up their profile and upload their portfolio. So basically there will be three panel i.e. Admin panel, Contractor or Buyer panel and simple End-user panel. This project will include automation of the manual dealing like making Balance Sheet, Journals, Ledgers, Trail Balance and also tells the profit or loss.
  2. Objectives The objectives of this web application are to help the government to purify the Government Leasing System. This Web application would also simplify the complexity of Government Leasing system. This Web application will provide a platform for the Pakistani citizens to easily access the Government Properties.
  3. Problem Description Government as well as our Prime Minister of Pakistan faces some difficulties to understand that which thing is under the property of government and which government property is on lease to which people. There is a need to make an automatic Web App to understand the things for government or for some visitors as well. This project is aimed at providing with a platform to the government as well as the contractor where they can attract a higher customer base and jumpstart their career in future.
  4. Methodology We are going to use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScripts and angular for front-end development and we will use PHP7 and Laravel for back-end development. We will use SQL for our web’s database. We will use Sublime text 3, VS Code and Xampp as tools in this project.
  5. Project Scope The scope of the web app is as follow: Contractor/Buyer Panel
    1. Registration
    2. Upload Portfolio
    3. Maintain Profile
    4. Check land details
    5. Check the availability of contract
    6. Check their Ledgers
    7. Check their Projects
    8. Make some complaints regarding illegal work
    9. Admin Panel
    10. Login
    11. Maintain Land details
    12. Manage Contractors
      4. Check Each Contractor Balance Sheet
      5. Check Contractor Ledgers
      6. Check Journals
      7. Check Profit/Loss
  6. Solution Application Areas
    We are targeting the government industry where business man can show their interest to mark up the industry at high level and also to aware the others about the new ideas. This project will provide business man to start their desired business on government land on lease with a starting point for their own startups. We are giving platform for the beginner level of business man to start their business by purchasing land on lease their through Leasing Management System. This project purpose is for the both consumers and businesses. All the entire general audience (local peoples and business bodies) will be benefit from it.
  7. Tools/Technology
    1. Hardware
      1. Android Smart Phone
      2. Personal Computers
    2. Software
      1. Sublime Text 3
      2. VS Code
      3. SQL Lite
      4. XAMPP
      5. SQL and MyPHP.
  8. Expertise of the Team
    I have gone through the complete research of information needed for the completion of my project. I have learned the languages and tools, which are going to use in this system. I recently studied software engineering-1, web development, software construction and database management system course that’s why I am quite sure that i will make this project before the deadline of final year project.

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